AC Reggiana 1919 S.p.A.  is happy to announce that next season will count on the contribution of Secur Service Srl,

“The experience and expertise are acquired over time, with a passion for their work and curiosity for innovation that creates benefits for the customer – the first words of a satisfied Gianni Perin, present in the company’s representative, at the signing of the renewal. These are the characteristics of Secur Service I find perfectly even in Reggiana. a natural combination that has encouraged the continuation of this report because Secur Service and our granata family strongly believe in the same principles. ”

Secur Service deals with devices for the individual protection (DPI) since 1986.

In almost thirty years he has followed the evolution of the industry by selecting materials and technologies and studying in depth the needs of end users, to make every workplace a safe place.

With the results obtained and the increasingly positive word of mouth we have earned the trust and loyalty of important public and private companies, operating in various sectors: from the mechanical to the food, from transport to logistics. Secur Service S.r.l is located in Via  Agnoletti, 23 in Reggio Emilia.