Between ’70 and ’80

1975/76 league, Serie B
After two years of salvations reached in extremis at the end arrives relegation for Reggiana. In the season 1975/76, with coach at first Di Bella and then newcomer Bruno Giorgi team dispute, after a good start, a tremendous league that will drag down to the last final place with only 24 points in the bag. From the corporate point of view the Quadrumvirate begins to show signs of fatigue and also the stimuli are no longer the same, and is joined by new forces entering the granata company.

1976/77 championship, series C
The duty to bring back immediately Reggiana in Serie B is entrusted to the Tuscan coach Mario Caciagli. The team was deeply modified, sailing in the top positions, but never actively participated in the struggle for the promotion and dispute a league with mixed results. To note the enhancement of two very good young players, Testoni and Mossini and at the corporate level the slow, but more and more imminent, the Quadrumvirate hallway, with the entry of new shareholders as Alessandro Fagioli, Franco Vacondio and Mirco Landini.

1977/78 championship, series C
In the season 1977/78 Reggiana starts from the duo, coach Mammi (promoted after 3 years at the helm of Berretti team) and Corsi sporting director. He decides to go with youth thanks to the great experience at youth level Mammi and primary objective is determined to do well. Reggiana dispute a very good championship and the green line followed by the company is rewarded with a 3rd place finish at 46 points.

1978/79 championship series C1
The following year sees the Reggiana players in Serie C1 championship 1978/79. The team appears weakened and are not made big new purchases, but confidence that the technician has in young player is rewarded. The team is amazing for most of the tournament but then, five days from the end and in full fight promotion was sacked Mammi and substitute Franco Marini can not help but close with a sad 4th place with Reggiana throwing well to the winds a real opportunity to get promotion.

1979/80 championship series C1
The company’s problems end up even to fall back on the team, and is therefore a Reggiana “low-key” that which Marini guide in 1979/80. The Quadrumvirate permanently leaves the leadership of the granata company (but not ownership) to Franco Vacondio and Sisto Fontanili. many major players are assigned (such as Francesco Romano) in order to cover some of the company’s debts and the team gradually slides to center table where it will remain until the end, finishing in 11th place.

Romano Fogli

Season 1980/81, series C1
The season ’80 / 81 is revealed as the turning point. The bench was entrusted after a few second thoughts in Romano Fogli, which can count on a very good base of young people already trained in first-team level and on important purchases like Matteoli, Zandoli, and Eberini.
The team starts slowly but then stabilizes in the upper reaches of the standings, scoring a lot (at the end will be the best attack with 52 goals) and slowly climb to the top by getting rid of the pursuers driven by an ever fuller Mirabello and getting the long-awaited promotion with 3 days in advance in a historic victory for 5 to 4 against Novara.

1981/82 league, Serie B
The next year the stadium was modernized and adapted to the new safety standards, was redone its northern curve and added the bends and the parterre. The team of Fogli, has a beginning rather disappointing, however, despite good purchases like the attacker’s Carnevale and Marocchi among others. The real problem soon proved to be that the goals and therefore end up having to fight for the salvation which comes to the last day with a 0 to 0 against Pisa, point that allows Reggiana to arrive just above last relegated, Rimini.

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