In the Sign of Pippo

Pippo MarchioroChampionship 1988/89 Serie C1
The bench was appointed in 1988/89 to Giuseppe Marchioro which then guide the granata for seven consecutive seasons. The team is carefully constructed, including securities and betting. The most gripping is that of Andrea Silences, Lodigiani striker stranded in Arezzo that in granata will become the real body bolster of the team. The difference is also an excellent defense, which thanks to a resounding “RamFesta promozione in B 1988-89bo” Facciolo collects only 14 goals.
The granata diesel goes the distance, after a first round in light and dark with 5 defeats. At critical moments the environment, however, maintains motivation and serenity and a sweep second round roaring with 25 points and a decisive series of 5 consecutive wins and an undefeated period of almost five months. The penultimate day, the derby against Modena can be worth promoting and 5,000 fans tinged the Modena stage of granata but Reggiana must surrender to Modena striker Bonaldi goals. The last home game, against Prato the June 4, 1989 is a series of emotions. Just one point, with the ranking that sees Reggiana first in the standings to +2 on the pursuers Spezia, Prato and Triestina. Reggiana is full loot though with goals from D’Adderio and Rabitti and Reggio Emilia bursts of joy and party until late at night to the longed-for goal achieved. After six years of purgatory in the C1 series finally returns to breathe the air cadet league.

Andrea SilenziChampionship1989/90, Series B
The following year, season 1989/90, the enthusiasm of fresh promotion infects the entire granata environment, starting from Mirabello Stadium which was rebuilt after the trick again and that will record all year averages spectators from the top flight .
The team remains unchanged with some grafts but the real driver is still Andrea Silenzi will mark the beauty of 23 goals in the season. The team, however, after a very good start gives the distance and after spending so much energy accuses a drop that leads to an even better final seventh place with 40 points in the standings.
In addition to the bomber Silenzi are highlighted among others, Zanutta, De Agostini, Nava and Catena.

1990/91 league, Serie B
After a season in black and white, Reggiana seems to proceed on the right foot. Thanks to some great shots on the market (including the disposal of Silenzi for 6 billion lire to Naples) and the wise direction of D.S. Corni, the granata team is reconstructed in the 90/91 season with important grafts including the various Ferrante, Morello, Lantignotti, Villa and especially Ravanelli, a young striker with white hair that fans immediately nicknamed “White Feather”. The team doesn’t make a good start scraping together only 1 point in 3 games, but then, thanks to the explosion of its bomber (who authored 16 goals in 34 games) climbs the charts and makes dream all the fans. In spring, however, they come some hefty defeats against Ancona, Udinese and Padova an Reggiana must go down the dreams of glory and the granata team close ranks in seventh place with 39 points in the table (some exciting games as Reggiana – Cosenza 7 to 4, with granata comeback after being at a disadvantage by 3 to 0).

1991/92 league, Serie B
The 1991/92 season opens like a season full of dreams and hopes for Reggiana, but it will end in the worst way through a thousand objections. A thought to the Serie A there are many who do it and the setting is serene, with a great desire to do well. But suddenly broke the case Ravanelli: Juventus asks the striker already in August, the player makes the tantrums and would like to leave, but Reggiana not give in and decide to keep it. Ravanelli will never be the same (it will go to Juventus at the end of the season) and will not go beyond the 8 goals scored. The team suffers and after a good first round, dispute a disastrous return in which only collect 14 points thus closing again in the seventh, throwing to wind a good chanches for the leap.

Promozione in A 1992-931992/93 Championship, Series B
But the time is now ripe, and thanks to the great organization of society, the environment newfound serenity and great qualities of Marchioro coach and the D.S. Corni, the 1992/93 season will be forever in the history of the granata. The team does not score much, partly because of the lack of a Cesena, la Regia è in Atrue striker, but puts in conditions to score almost its entirety (at the end of the season will have as many as 13 players scored at least one goal, including various Sacchetti, Pacione, Scienza etc.) and is based on an iron defense led by goalkeeper Luca Bucci. For the first time in its history Reggiana won the Serie B offering the best of themselves in a season nothing short of exhilarating. The appointment with history is at Cesena, 16 May 1993. “Manuzzi” stadium More than 4,000 Reggiani fill the Curva Ferrovia with granata flags and banners. The game ends with the result of 1 to 1, goals from Sacchetti and Hubner, and thanks to this point the granata team can celebrate his historic promotion to Serie A with 4 games to spare.

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