The Epic of Del Grosso

Del GrossoChampionship 1954/55, IV series
The bases of the turn of the following year are represented by the choice of Luigi Del Grosso as a coach: he begins with a cycle that will take him to sit on the granata bench for 8 consecutive seasons (still unbeaten record). The team has an accomplice down trend and also a poor vein of realization and closes in seventh place.
To report April 24, 1955 in the last Panciroli’s granata match, terminating his career in granata with 316 appearances and over 30 goals scored (a memorable double at the Tardini against Parma), proving to be a real granata flag , having among other things never dressed any other shirt than the Reggiana one.

1955/56 championship series IV
In 1955/56 finally returns to cheer for promotion to Serie C. Reggiana bought many players but the best weapon, in addition to the wise direction of the Catalani, is the return to the goals with greater frequency of Cappi. At the end of the tournament he will mark 26 goals in 34 games. Also very important the contribution that the public returns to full the stands of Mirabello and to follow the games there are never less than 7,000 spectators. The team exceeds in a double playoff Bolzano and gets the deserved promotion to Serie C.

1956/57 championship, series C
In 1956/57 Reggiana is preparing to play in the series C championship and are bought many skilled players (among others, Perli, Cocco, Zoppelletto, the brothers Di Mauro, Rui, Nundini and Giagnoni) in the face of significant divestitures as Cappi, Brunazzi, Crivellante, Pelloni, Meroni and Seghedoni. The team was appointed with the director in the field of the great Catalani and also thanks to a Mirabello recording medium of attendance like serie A teams (nearly 10,000 spectators per game) gets an excellent fourth place.

Promozione in B 1957-581957-58, series C
Reggiana is presented at the start of the 1957/58 season with big ambitions and the stated aim is the promotion to Serie B. It implemented an excellent recruitment drive to strengthen the team that has so well figured in the previous year to address a league that allows only one promotion. The team has fluctuated and sinks until the third last position but then as if by magic wakes up and stringing together a series of consecutive useful results can climb the rankings thanks to substantial balance that reigns in this season and secure the top spot Ranked, returning after six years in Serie B.

1958/59 league, Serie B
In the year 1958/59 Reggiana, fight to the end for a seat in Serie A, thanks to the goals of the famous couple called P2 formed by the duo Pistacchi-Pinti, but ends up classified only fourth . Of note the excellent season of a young Tribuzio, who succeeded to the injured Moselli not come out more from the team.

1959/60 league, Serie B
The second year in Serie B Reggiana sees a good thickness fight to the end for the third place for the promotion, behind the rollers Torino and Lecco. The major hit of the market is represented by the return of Catalani after only one season and the team is confirmed as the surprise of the tournament. The end of the season is slightly down but the Reggio team ends with a still excellent fifth place and at the end of the season takes part in the Friendship Cup against Grenoble (double challenge, 2-5 in France and 2-2 at Mirabello).

1960/61 league, Serie B
In 1960/61, the granata team heads straight to Serie A after the last great championships and Reggiana immediately reveals a great protagonist of the series B tournament, thanks to the always excellent direction of Catalani and the vein of realization of the striker Sardei (18 goals for him) . The granata long caress the dream of the top flight, though falling right in the decisive moment losing the decisive match against Alessandria in May 28, 1961, and getting so only a bitter 4th place.

1961/62 league, Serie B
After three years of Serie B Reggiana returns to Serie C the following year. In 1961/62, last season with coach Del Grosso, the granata run into a season totally crooked, losing by a serious injury Catalani and failing to be incisive in front of goal. The team started as favorites for promotion at the end is disastrous and falls sadly in series C.

1962/63 championship, series C
The following season the granata bench is headed by Rino Martini and intentions are for a speedy ascent among the cadets. But we have to deal with very good teams, especially in Tuscany and the season has been revealed rather disappointing, despite the contribution in front of goal especially by Campanili. Rino Martini was replaced in January by Vittorio Malagoli that, however, fails to reverse the course and Reggiana thus closes the championship in fifth position. To signal the farewell this season to the Secretary role by Regolo Ferretti.

Promozione in B 1963-64Campionato 1963/64, series C
In 1963/64 there was a return in granata of Del Grosso, albeit with the task of technical director sits on the bench the 34 year old Giancarlo Cadè. The couple signed one of the most exciting seasons of the whole granata story, thanks to a relentless ride that leads Reggiana to win the championship with 13 points ahead of the second, the Savona.
Worth noting the many records of this training, including goal scored(60) compared to those suffered (only 12) and a long unbeaten run (28 consecutive days). At the end of the season we witness the farewell of Cadè to disagreements with the company, especially after an argument with Lari.


1964/65 league, series B
The bench is thus assigned the following year in Dino Ballacci, called to lead the granata in the new cadet tournament of the year 1964/65. The granata team dispute a championship with two faces, alternating excellent performances (especially in the first round) to disappointing evidence (in the second round) and thus closes in 11th place in the standings.

1965/66 league, series B
Since 1965/66 begins the Bizzotto era that will last five years. Luigi Del Grosso is still the technical director of the granata team and in summer he scored some great shots especially to strengthen the offensive department. Reggiana put aside the ambitions of promotions and is thought only to consolidate the category and then to a peaceful salvation for which the people of Reggio fans are forced to wait (in part because of a forfeit defeat to 0 to 2 against Padova for a firecracker) the penultimate match against Catanzaro culminating with a great victory by 3 to 2 in Mirabello and allows the Reggiana closing in 15th place in the standings.

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