The Vandelli Era

Giovanni VandelliSeason 1982/83, Series B
It comes the final separation of Quadrumvirate and day July 5, 1982 officially begins the era of Giovanni Vandelli as president of Reggiana.
The new owner want to act in big and the recruitment drive is crackling, entrusts the team bench in Romano Sheets, and as sports director chooses Moreno Roggi. But unfortunately the toy does not work and the team after a disastrous start closes the first round in last place. The coach is replaced by G.B. Fabbri but neither the changing of the technical guide gets results and Reggiana, with a dressing room now torn by “internal wars” slowly slips into the bottom of the standings. The granata team remains in the struggle for salvation in any case until the end but the miracle does not happen, and finishing 17th Reggiana is relegated in Serie C.

1983/84 championship series C1
The following year, 1983/84, the aim is now to return to Serie B. The first move that is done is to entrust the bench to Lauro Toneatto, which together with the D.S. Roggi proceeds to an hard change the whole pink. In the league the beginning is good then, despite the market grafts, the team accused a net loss of form and collapse psychologically sinking in the center of the standings where close in 9th position. At the end of the season Roggi is replaced by the new sporting director Franco Manni.

1984/85 championship series C1
President Vandelli relies for ’84 / 85 season the bench to Franco Fontana and proceeds to major purchases, including examples are the attacker D’Agostino, Bosco and the former Milan Gadda.
Despite these important grafts the season is revealed early as an anonymous season and without acute. The team pays too many draws (20 of 34 games) and President Vandelli provide for the replacement of the sporting director, firing Manni that is replaced by the duo Previdi (as general manager) / Boninsegna (sports director). Reggiana closes the season with a fifth place with 36 points.

1985/86 championship series C1
In 1985/86 Fontana is confirmed as head of Reggiana, but already the 5th day is removed and replaced by Giancarlo Cadè, old coach of the year 1963/64 which culminated with the promotion of the granata team. They are bought important players like Facciolo (which will remain the guardian of the granata port for many years), Di Livio and Soncin and the onset of Cadè is exciting and Reggiana struggle with the first class for a promotion. Spring comes in with a series of five defeats in nine races fade away in the reggiani the glory dreams and this decline relegates the granata team at 4th place finish.

Season 1986/87 Serie C1
Vandelli decides to start in 1986/87 with Nello Santin who entrusts the fate of the granata bench, Nico Facciolo choosing the continuity and strengthening the team with the purchases of Apolloni, Dominissini and especially Walter De Vecchi, coming from Milan where he won the Scudetto.
After a bad start, the team finally found the right pace and hires a long standoff with Piacenza and Padova for promotion, also driven by D’Agostino that is increasingly the granata bomber (11 goals in 29 games for him in this season). Reggiana let go only in the final, finishing in 3rd place in the standings with 43 points.

1987/88 championship series C1
The 1987/88 is the sixth and final year in office for Vandelli that will leave unfortunately having not crowned his dream, getting back Reggiana in Serie B. The team after recovering from a disastrous start, dispute a good championship but it is never in conflict with the first promotion to Serie B. in March there is a change of ownership and the sale of the majority of shares by Vandelli to Valter Sacchetti Finsport which will then appoint as a new president Ermete Fiaccadori. With the departure of Vandelli thus it closes an era.

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