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Regulation concerning the introduction of banners and other identifying symbols inside the stadium

Referring to the meeting which took place on 23/03/2007 at the police headquarters in Reggio Emilia with law enforcement agencies responsible for the security service at the Stadium and the Ass. Calcio Reggiana 1919 S.p.A. It is shown Press release following the entry into force of Law Decree 8 February 2007, n. 8, on “Urgent Measures for the Prevention and Punishment of the phenomena of violence related to football competitions” where contains rules designed to complement and enhance the sporting events, the National Observatory on the above sports events, on 8 March last, has adopted resolution no. 14 aimed at creating an enabling mechanism for accessing the stadiums of “identification symbols (eg. Banners, etc.) Applicable to all Championships of Soccer Serie A – B- C, Italian Cup and international competitions, including friendly matches.

Given the above,


  • THE INTRODUCTION AND THE EXPOSURE OF FLAGS – SCARF – COCCARDE – CAPS – PINS – SHIRTS bearing only the colors of their team as well as folklore objects that, for intrinsic shape, can not be improperly used as a blunt instrument;
  • The introduction and display of national flags of the states that have representatives in the field.


  • The introduction and display of banners with violent, abusive or otherwise prohibited content by regulation (expressions of racism, anti-Semitism, defamation etc.);
  • The introduction and the use of drums, loudspeakers and other means of sound diffusion;
  • The introduction of any other material similar to the above, including the one for the choreography (without prejudice to the express permission);
  • The display of material that obstacles dimension visibility to other fans;
  • The introduction of material, even if approved, after the public opening of the gates of the Match;
  • The introduction of material deemed dangerous to public safety and fire safety.


  • The introduction and display of banners containing written in support of their team at the race program;
  • The introduction and use of materials needed for the choreography.

Within the limits established by sports clubs, it will be possible, therefore, to introduce and expose banners containing written in support of their team for the race scheduled by submitting at least 7 days before the holding of the competition, the appropriate application, also by fax and / or
e-mail, the company organizing the meeting, indicating their complete name as well:

  • The dimensions and the material used for the realization of the banners;
  • The content and graphic summarized in a special photographic documentation;
  • The sector in which it will be exposed.

For the choreography, in addition to the above, shall be specified the manner and timing of implementation, meaning that such activities will still have to finish the race before it starts.

In this regard, it informs you that, as of March 30, 2007 will come into force the new provisions to regulate the access of banners and other material in the stadiums.

Lega Nazionale Professionisti

Determinations Observatory for display panels in sports facilities

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