Mapei Stadium – Città del Tricolore

The Reggio Emilia Stadium was the first Italian football stadium owned and constructed by a Football Club- the A.C. Reggiana, long before the Juventus Stadium in Turin – and was also the first to have as the name of a company sponsor, the Giglio Company.

The stadium, opened in 1995, was also funded by the multi-year subscriptions of Reggiana supporters, other unique feature in the national football scene.
The stadium was built from the beginning with a subsidy of 32 exclusive skybox (Palchi), each with perfect views of the pitch and today set up with catering services, minibar, satellite tv, heating, relaxation area.

Equally unique is the presence at the side of the stadium, for some years now, of a shopping mall with dozens of shops, a multiplex cinema with 11 halls and many other commercial services and leisures: the ideal solution to accommodate the entertainment needs for the whole family, including sports, shopping and entertainment.

The March 11, 2012 the stadium was named to Reggio Emilia, City of the Tricolore as a tribute to the birthright of the national flag of which can boast the city of Reggio Emilia.

From season 2013-14 the stadium name has been updated to Mapei Stadium – Città del Tricolore in Reggio Emilia: the stadium, in addition to consignments of A.C. Reggiana 1919 in the Lega Pro championship, also host the U.S. Sassuolo Calcio home games.

In recent years the stadium has undergone a major restructuring and optimization work initiated under the management of the previous shareholding of A.C. Reggiana 1919 S.p.A. and continued by the new owners who acquired the plant as a result of a judicial auction.

The Mapei Stadium – Città del Tricolore in Reggio Emilia hopes to be the comfortable and functional home of the Reggiana supporters and a landmark of the whole football movement in our territory, a vital place beyond the events of the match, who also knows how to dialogue with the other structures of the area, beginning from the shopping and entertainment center – the Petali – arose from his rib, as an evolution of the model of multi-purpose stadium in which it was conceived precisely from its origins: in this way the first example absolute in Italy, as indeed was also the first example of a football stadium baptized with the name of a sponsor and the first built with a modern and innovative logic such as, by way of example, the organic presence of the boxes (or skybox), that in the other plants were obtained retrospectively, and the security systems at highest level.

How to get there

The stadium is located on the northern outskirts of Reggio Emilia and is just a few kilometers from the highway exit of the A1.

Average time to reach the stadium

From the center and the railway station of Reggio Emilia:
drive 5′, walk about 15′

By AV Station Mediopadana of Reggio Emilia
drive 5′

From the exit of Reggio Emilia:
drive 5′

Tribune Authority:
474 seats

Palchi (n. 32):
192 seats

Press Tribune:
108 seats

5.800 seats

5.946 seats

Curve Sud:
5.000 seats

Curve Nord (Visiting fans):
4.000 seats

21.584 seats

The inaugural match was held April 15, 1995 between Reggiana and Juventus, with the granata in Serie A ended 2-1 for the Bianconeri.

Wednesday, November 15, 1995 the “Giglio” stadium was the scene of the race valid for the 1996 European qualifiers between Italy and Lithuania. He finished 4-0 for the Azzurri.

The stadium “Giglio” was the scene of the first performance of the Italian Referees National team.

In 2003 the stadium “Giglio” recorded a sold out for the 12th edition of the Partita del Cuore between the Italian Singers National team and the Ferrari team.

November 22, 2008 was played at “Giglio” the rugby test match between the Italian national team and the Pacific Islanders ended by 17-25.

December 12, 2009 was held a match valid for the rugby Heineken Cup between Viadana and Ospreys, with 8,500 spectators at the stadium record for a game of an Italian club in UEFA club competition.

The March 24, 2011 hosted the friendly match of the Under-21 italian football national team against Sweden finished with a 3-1 result.

The April 21, 2013 took place the Pro12 rugby match between Leinster and Zebras, organized by Conad Centronord to support the fundraising for the earthquake in Emilia populations.

On 23 July 2013 the stadium hosted the 13th edition of the Trofeo Tim with the participation of Juventus, AC Milan and Sassuolo in front of about 20,000 spectators.

The August 21, 2013 was held the first edition of the Trofeo Città del Tricolore, with the international friendly match between Reggiana and Alessandro Del Piero’s Sydney F.C..

Work start:
5 august 1994

15 april 1995

Surface area occupied:
40.791 mq

Size of the playing field:
105 x 68 m

Current capacity:
21.584 seats

Advanced security system adjacent free public parking spaces reserved parking inside.

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