Regulation of Use

These Regulations are subject to possible changes due to enactment of new laws and / or Leagues and Federations decrees, ordinances or regulations.

For “stadium” means the entire structure / facility, including all concession areas, occupied or used by the club and the outdoor service area;
for “club” is the organizer of the ‘Event
“Occurrence” means any official event organized by the professional club, which takes place in the stadium.

General rules of conduct

The access to and presence in the stadium during the event implies acceptance of these rules.

Compliance with this Regulation and the regulations issued by FIFA, UEFA, the Professional Football Leagues, the Club and by the Authority of Public Security is an indispensable condition for the access and permanence of the spectator in the stadium. Failure of the same will result in immediate termination of the contract of employment, with the consequent removal of the offender from the plant and the application by the Public Security of the provisions and sanctions provided by law, including, if permissible, even the application of the ban on access to the places where are played Sports events (DASPO). (ART. 1-f D. L. 28/2003 conv. L. 88/2003)..

The access to and presence in the stadium are only allowed to access suitable title holders, issued exclusively by subjects expressly authorized by the club. The title of access is personal and can not be transferred to third parties, except in cases and in the manner provided by the club and by legal regulations. The title also will be kept for the whole duration of the event and shown at any time at the request of the personnel. To access the stadium is also required to hold a valid identity document or, in the case of children under 15, a self-certification document in the form required by the standard, also specific, to be shown on demand to the personnel in charge (stewards), to verify the correspondence between the holder of the coupon and the possessor of the same. (L. March 4, 2007 n. 41 Art. 1)

Access is in no way allowed for persons subject to acts of formal notice to sports violence, according to the provisions of ‘Article 9 of the Decree of 02/08/2007, 04/04/2007 coordinated with law. The entrance to the stadium should be through the appropriate openings, and is subject to verification of the regularity of the access title through the use of special equipment. (DM 18 March 1996 and subsequent change.) The spectator has the right / duty to exclusively occupy the place specified on the access title and can not move to another area of the sector other than that indicated on the ticket, except as expressly permitted by the club or from ‘the Police authorities.

In the stadium are clearly indicated, with appropriate notification, the location of sectors and places as well as the paths to access them. Each sector has its own inputs, and access to them is allowed only through these. The Public Safety Authority present shall be entitled to carry both personal in bags and / or containers checks in the wake of the viewer, aimed at preventing the introduction of objects in the stadium or illegal substances, prohibited or likely to induce or cause violence.

Cancellation-Displacement Event

Date and time of the event may be modified by the Authority of Public Security or the sports authorities, without this causing any responsibility borne by the club. In the case of postponed or canceled event, any refund will be made in accordance with the provisions and with the methods disclosed later by the club, without any responsibility for the latter. The refund or replacement ticket can only take place against presentation of the same.


It is strictly forbidden:

  • introduce and / or hold in the stadium every object that can be used as a weapon and / or danger to the public safety and security and in any case, by way of example, but not limited to, the following items: poisons, harmful substances, flammable materials, drugs, knives, fireworks, smoke bombs, gas trumpets, rockets and flares, weapons, dangerous objects, laser lights, bottles, glass containers, cans, motorcycle helmets; (Law 401/89 and succ. Modif.)
  • the sale of beverages in glass containers, plastic and cans. Its permitted the marketing of drinks only after pouring in lightweight plastic glasses or paper. It is also prohibited to introduce in the stadium beverages in glass containers, plastic or cans, unless they are paid in lightweight plastic glasses or paper.
  • introduce in the stadium banners and any other materials to them assimilated, including the one for the choreography, unless expressly authorized by the club and / or in violation of introduction and exposure laws from the same indicated. drums and other means of sound system are also prohibited (eg. megaphone, drum – Observatory Determination n. 14/2007 dell’8.3.2007). Within the limits established by sports clubs, it will be possible to introduce and expose banners choreographic and / or containing written in support of their team for the race scheduled, forwarding, a specific request to the company that organizes the meeting. The opinion of the GOS will be decisive for the acceptance or rejection; introduce or display posters, banners, streamers, documents, drawings, printed material and banners containing propaganda to political doctrines, ideological or religious statements or concepts that incite racial hatred, ethnic or religious, or which may hinder the smooth running of the event;
  • expose material that can obstacles the visibility to other fans much to force them to stand upright; (Determines 14/07 observatory National Sports)
  • introduce professional equipment capable of recording and transmitting in digital or any other media, audio, video and audio-video information or data concerning the event in the stadium. The copyright for unauthorized broadcasting or recording is due, in accordance with legal regulations, to the clubs;
  • climb and jump over fences, separators and stadium facilities; (L 401/89 Art. 6a paragraph 2)
  • stand up on the seats, stand near the steps, access routes and exit, exits and entrances, stairs and any other escape route; (Article 1 quinques L 88 24 April 2003)
  • any behavior that would realize criminal offenses in general and in particular those of the crimes indicated in Art. 6, Section I of the Law of 13 December 1989 n ° 401, as amended, with particular regard to each of misrepresentation activities, display of emblems or associations symbols that spread discrimination or violence for racial, ethnic, national or religious reasons, to ‘incitement to violence in official sporting events organized by the Italian Football Federation, as well as the launch of hazardous material;

Warnings and legal provisions

Among the behaviors punished with administrative and criminal sanctions, such as bans from stadiums, the arrest and imprisonment refer the crimes mentioned in Article 6, paragraph I, of the Law of 13 December 1989 n ° 401, and subsequent amendments, in particular: to flaunt the symbols or emblems of groups or associations that spread discrimination or violence for racial, national, ethnic or religious; making vulgar chants and / or racist, vulgar or banners written and / or racist; throw objects; incite violence during sports competitions.

The public security authorities may restrict or prohibit the entry or stay in the stadium, also for subsequent events, anyone who does not respect the general rules of conduct and prohibitions indicated and, in particular: to anyone with an access title not issued by authorized parties or issued in violation of the procedures for the separation of the teams; to anyone who refuses to submit to the checks; to anyone who commits acts of violence or danger or introducing objects, banners or other material prohibited or in breach of the above rules. In addition, anyone caught damaging or defacing the stadium or club owned assets, commit criminal acts inside or surrounding the stadium, in the path toward or away from the stadium on the occasion of an event, may be terminated to the Public Safety and is subject to formal notice for access to the stadium for all future events.

The stadium is controlled by an audio-video recording system of the images, positioned both inside and outside the plant. The registration is carried out from the opening until the closing of the stadium and on the occasion of the possible access of people for the preparation of choreography. The data and recording media are stored at the Stadium, with the adoption of any measure of security provided by law. The data can be viewed for purposes of sports justice by delegates of F. I.G. C. and / or the Lega Pro and / or the Professional National League and will also be delivered, if requested, to the public security authorities or judicial. The not used data in accordance with the preceding paragraph shall be deleted after 7 (seven) days. The processing of personal data and the recordings are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Code regarding the protection of personal data and the Decree of the Ministry of 6 June 2005, from the club, as indicated above, the data controller.

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