I look with interest and curiosity the arrival of Mike Piazza in the Italian football and in particular to Reggiana. I am certain that the ability to relate with the territory by Medici and Compagni matched to the American  horizon that Mike Piazza led, will be a propellant for the club’s ambitions. ” The speaker is Arrigo Fantuzzi, estimated entrepreneur, owner of Tie (Transport Intermodal Europeans) but also a great connoisseur of the world of football because a football man (former vice president of Reggiana Soccer at the Marchioro times), which renewed its partnership with the ‘AC Reggiana 1919 Spa.

To move the business well, it is important to be good to move the goods.

T.I.E. knows. Why we are specialized in offering consistently advanced transport solutions. Able to not only meet but, above all, to anticipate the growing demands of an ever changing market. And the results are obvious: primary shipping companies, freight forwarders and Italian and foreign industries are loyal customers. And satisfied.

“This is our philosophy – says Arrigo Fantuzzi – that characterizes us in the professional but also represents the highway to follow for those who make football.”

No coincidence there are principles that the T.I.E. married and blend perfectly with Reggiana. Innovate to grow, learning from the past, seek the maximum possible integration to best meet customer needs by providing personalized services and faces continuous innovation. Put people at the center of the organization to improve its capacity ‘professional and personal relationships are some of the cornerstones of the T.I.E..