13 February 2017
The Ac Reggiana youngster, Francesco Folino, called for a stage with the Under 15 LegaPro NT

The Ac Reggiana youngster Francesco Folino has been called for a two days stage with the Under 15 LegaPro NT. Folino will have to report to San Marino on Wednsday 15th of February and will stay there until Thursday 16th of February.

Una squadra under 15
22 December 2016
Academy Leagues scores and tables

Here as follow, are the scores and tables of the Academy Leagues where a Ac Reggiana team is playing   BERRETTI – GROUP B   Scores Sambenedettese – Forlì 0-1 Ancona – Mantova 0-0 Bassano Virtus – Venezia 1-1 Reggiana – Alma Juventus Fano 4-1  Santarcangelo – Modena 3-0 Sassuolo – Padova 4-1 Maceratese – Pordenone…

Berretti Campione d'inverno
22 December 2016
Ac Reggiana Academy: the Berretti team cruising in the last weekend of football before the break

The Ac Reggiana Berretti cruises against Fano and wins – being 7 points ahead of the 2nd – the fist half of its season. The youngsters coached by Mr Paolo Zanetti and his assistant Cris Gilioli, defeated Fano 4-1 with a double by Mastropietro. Rocco e Rivi both went on the scoreboard too. Amichevoli di lusso…

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