4 April 2017
This morning’s practice: ball possession, athletic training, pick up game and work on set pieces

It just ended the last Ac Reggiana practice before the game of tomorrow against AlbinoLeffe. The lads started with several ball possession exercises and then did different rapidity and change of pace exercises. The last part of the training was devoted to a short-sided pickup game and work on set pieces and corners. Andrea Bovo…

Allenamento 4
9 February 2017
Today’s practice: technical warm-up, team tactics and work on set pieces

It took place today in the late morning the only practice session for the Ac Reggiana players, still on the artificial turf of the Reggio Calcio training center. The lads began their training with a technical warm-up, they then did a lot of work on team tactics with “no defense” and “against defense.” They finished…

Cuore granata
1 February 2017
Academy Leagues scores and tables

These are the scores and tables of the Academy Leagues BERRETTI – GROUP B Scores Bassano Virtus – Santarcangelo 0-0 Forlì – Ancona 1-1 Padova – Maceratese 0-1 Pordenone – Reggiana 3-5 Sambenedettese – Modena 1-2 Sassuolo – Mantova 2-2 Venezia – Alma Juventus Fano 6-1 Tables Reggiana 39 Modena 30 Venezia 28 Sassuolo 23…

30 January 2017
Maxime Giron back to Unione Sportiva Avellino

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA announces that Maxime Girone is back to Unione Sportiva Avellino in termination of his loan at our club. Reggiana thanks the player for his efforts during all his time within the granata family and wishes him all the best for the remainder of his career.

Jacopo Manconi
30 January 2017
Jacopo Manconi back to Novara Calcio

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA announces that Jacopo Manconi is back to Novara Calcio in termination of his loan to our club. Reggiana thanks Jacopo for his efforts and wishes him all the best for the remainder of his career.

Tifosi Reggiana
28 January 2017
We believe in our fans faith, loyalty and sportsmanship. We condemn any form of violence

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA, once again, strongly condemns any for of violence as well as the episodes that happened during the last weeks inside and outside the stadium. They tarnish our identity and our philosophy of sportsmanship and don’t represent the spirit and identity of the club’s fanbase. Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA during all these…

12 January 2017
Ac Reggiana Berretti beats Cremonese in a friendly. Under 17 defeated in Bassano. A good draw for the Under 15 team

The Ac Reggiana Academy got back to play after the Christmas break. Under 17 team was defetead in Bassano, while the Under 15 ended with a good draw the game against the same opponent. The Ac Reggiana Berretti won in spectacular fashion a friendly match against Cremonese. 2-0 the final score. Here are the boxscores…

Marco Guidone in allenamento
11 January 2017
Today’s double practice: strength in the morning, individual technique, team tactics and short sided game in the afternoon

Double training session today for the Ac Reggiana’s players. In the morning the lads followed a program based on strength in the gym and “transformation” on the pitch devised by the club athletic trainer, Raffaele Gagliardo. In the afternoon after a brief warm up with individual technique exercises, the team worked thoroughly on the defensive…

Jacopo Manconi
5 January 2017
Jacopo Manconi the top scorer; Simone Calvano the best assistman

Jacopo Manconi has been the Ac Reggiana’s top scorer of the first half of the season. The young forward went on goal for six times in the first 19 games of the season. Marco Guidone is the second best with four scores while Vasile Mogos is third with three. Simone Calvano has been the best…

Andrea Bovo in azione
3 January 2017
Simone Perilli the one who played the most. In five still at “no minutes” played

Simone Perilli has been the most utilized players during the first half of the season for Ac Reggiana. The goalkeeper has played the whole amount of minutes at his disposal with a total number of 1710. Second best was Federico Angiulli who totaled 1556 minutes. Third in the podium Andrea Bovo with 1495. Five were…

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