25 November 2016
Reggiana-Teramo: Leonardo Colucci’s call ups

Leonardo Colucci, Ac Reggiana’s coach, called 23 players for the match of tomorrow against Teramo. Here are in detail GOALKEEPERS 1. Simone Perilli; 12. Davide Narduzzo FULLBACKS 3. Daniele Pedrelli, 6. Alessandro Spanò, 13. Maxime Giron, 14. Vasile Mogos, 15. Paolo Rozzio, 20. Minel Sabotic, 23. Erik Panizzi, 24. Luca Ghiringhelli, 25. Trevor Trevisan MIDFIELDERS…

Allenamento 43
25 November 2016
Today’s practice: warm up, “11 a side” and set pieces

Last practice for the lads before tomorrow’s match against Teramo (Kick off at 6.30 pm at the Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore”). The Ac Reggiana’s players warmed up with the ball and did some speed exercises. Then they did play an “11 a side”, with Daniele Pedrelli as a “jolly” on a smaller pitch. Then…

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24 November 2016
Today’s practice: positional tactics and pick up game

The lads practiced this afternoon at the Via Agosti training grounds. The team after the warm up worked on positional tactics. The fullbacks with team coach Leonardo Colucci; midfielders and forwards with his assistant Gianni Migliorini. The session ended with an “11 a side” on a reduced portion of the pitch. Daniele Pedrelli had his last…

23 November 2016
Today’s practice: cooldown for the ones who played yesterday, ball possession and pick up game for the others

One single practice for the Ac Reggiana players who met at the Via Agosti training grounds. The lads who played yesterday worked apart – some in the gym, some doing therapies, some others doing some fitness -. The players who weren’t involved yesterday did ball possession exercises and finished with a pickup game on a…

23 November 2016
Academy Leagues scores and tables

Here are scores and tables of the various Academy leagues where a Ac Reggiana team is playing BERRETTI – GROUP B Scores Ancona – Alma Juventus Fano 5-1 Maceratese – Venezia 1-1 Mantova – Padova 1-2 Modena – Bassano Virtus 4-0 Pordenone – Forlì 5-0 Reggiana – Santarcangelo 3-1 Sambenedettese – Sassuolo 1-3 Table Reggiana…

21 November 2016
Team’s weekly practice schedule

Here is the team’s weekly practice schedule for the lads. The Ac Reggiana players will practice on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoon at 3 pm. Saturday there’s the match against Teramo at the Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore”.

Alessandro Cesarini
21 November 2016
League Cup call ups

Ac Reggiana’s coach, Leonardo Colucci, called 18 players for the League Cup match against Venezia. Here they are GOALKEEPERS 12. Davide Narduzzo, 22 Armand Demalija FULLBACKS 13. Maxime Giron, 15. Paolo Rozzio, 20. Minel Sabotic, 23. Erik Panizzi, 31. Gabriele Masini, 33. Aslem Zito MIDFIELDERS 8. Dario Maltese, 18. Bryan Mecca, 19. Mattia Lombardo, 26….

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21 November 2016
Today’s practice: warm up, team tactics and 10 a side

One practice before the League Cup match in Venezia for the lads. The Ac Reggiana players practiced this afternoon. They started with a technical and athletic warm up that was made by the whole squad. Then, the ones that will play tomorrow worked on the team tactics for tomorrow and then played a ten a…

18 November 2016
Today’s practice: “torello”, rapidity, team tactics, 11 a side, set pieces

This is the last practice before tomorrow’s match against AlbinoLeffe (Kick off at 4.30 pm). The Ac Reggiana players warmed up with a collective torello at half court, then worked on their speed and rapidity with the athletic trainer, Raffaele Gagliardo. Subsequently, the lads worked on specific tactical situations with the coaching staff and then finished…

2002 Giovanili
18 November 2016
Ac Reggiana Academy week end schedule

It will be another week end of importan tests for the Ac Reggiana Academy. All the teams will be on the field during the week end. Test importanti in questo week-end per il Settore Giovanile granata. Tutte le formazioni scenderanno in campo, col massimo concentramento nella giornata di domenica per le squadre agonistiche e nel…

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