Allenamento 40
17 November 2016
Today’s practice: warm up, rapidity, team tactics and 11 a side

One single practice for the lads today. The Ac Reggiana players did work this afternoon at the Via Agosti training grounds. They first warmed up with a technique exercise with the ball. Then they moved to some rapidity skills exercises. Team coach Leonardo Colucci worked on team tactics, either offensive as well as defensive and…

Allenamento 35
16 November 2016
Today’s practice: speed, team tactics and “11 a side”

One single practice for the lads this afternoon at the Via Agosti training grounds. The Ac Reggiana players worked on their speed and rapidity, then they displayed on the pitch and worked on team tactics and finished the session with an “11 a side” on a reduced portion of the pitch. Dario Maltese got back…

Ettore Marchi
16 November 2016
Ettore Marchi out for three weeks

Ac Reggiana 1919 Spa forward, Ettore Marchi, had a scan this morning to his left leg at the Isokinetic Center in Bologna. The exam was deemed necessary to verify the state of his recovery from the sprain to the ankle he had during the match against Padova and how was the state of it after…

15 November 2016
Today’s practice: strength, positional tactics, video and five a side tournament

It was a double practice day for the lads. The Ac Reggiana players met this morning at the Via Agosti training grounds for the first of two sessions. They worked on their strength and focused on positional tactics. After the team lunch, the players got involved in a lengthy video session with the coaching staff….

Lega Pro Logo
14 November 2016
Lega Pro Cup kick off time

LegaPro made it official the kick off time of the next stage of the League Cup. Venezia-Reggiana that will be played on Tuesday 22nd of November will start at 4.30 pm.

Allenamento 40
14 November 2016
Today’s practice: tactical exercises, pick up game and fitness

Ac Reggiana players got back to practice this afternoon and started to prepare for the next home match against AlbinoLeffe on Saturday (Kick-off at 4.30 pm). The players did a prolonged chunk of practice focusing on tactical exercises with particular attention to the build up play and cohesion of the defensive line. The lads then…

13 November 2016
The lads will be back at it tomorrow

The lads will be back at it tomorrow. The Ac Reggiana players are having the Sunday off and will start the practices for the home match of next Saturday (Kick-off at 4.30 pm) against AlbinoLeffe, tomorrow in the early afternoon. From a physical and medical standpoint, there are no worrisome situations to keep under control coming…

Allievi Regionali 2001/2002
11 November 2016
Ac Reggiana Academy week end schedule

It’s another week end of important games for the Ac Reggiana Academy teams, after the outstanding streak of results of these latest weeks. The Berretti team will face Sassuolo in a derby on Saturday 12th. Day where a lot of younger ages team will play. The “Accademia granata” will play against Progetto Intesa, Santos, FalkGalileo…

Trevor Trevisan in azione
11 November 2016
Pordenone-Reggiana call ups

Ac Reggiana coach Leoanardo Colucci called 23 players for the match against Pordenone, tomorrow (Kick off at 4.30 pm) Here they are in detail GOALKEEPERS 1. Simone Perilli, 12. Davide Narduzzo FULLBACKS 6. Alessandro Spanò, 20. Minel Sabotic, 13. Maxime Giron, 14. Vasile Mogos, 15. Paolo Rozzio, 23. Erik Panizzi, 24. Luca Ghiringhelli, 25. Trevor…

11 November 2016
Today’s practice: warm up, team tactics, 11 a side and set pieces

The lads practiced for the last time before traveling to Pordenone this morning at the Via Agosti training grounds. The Ac Reggiana players warmed up with some exercises with the ball and other about speed and quickness. Then they worked on team tactics, with team coach Leonardo Colucci focusing on the build up play and…

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