Mike Piazza con la squadra Berretti
3 November 2016
President Mike Pizza visiting the club’s Academy

How to turn an average afternoon of football into a special one. Only it took was a surprise visit by the Ac Reggiana President, Mr. Mike Piazza, to the club’s Academy. Club’s chairman, with the club’s Managing Director Maurizio Franzone, met with the Academy’s chief Sergio Mezzina, and then visited the Academy headquarters, entertaining a…

Allenamento 35
2 November 2016
Today’s practice: cool down for the starters, ball possession and pick up game for the subs

One single practice for the lads today, at the Via Agosti training grounds. The Ac Reggiana players were split into two groups. The starters of yesterday match in Modena, and Marco Guidone did some athletic work and cool down exercises. The subs, on the other side, did work on ball possession with specific exercises on…

Arbitro Generico
2 November 2016
Reggiana-Sambenedettese: Mr. Pillitteri will be the referee

LegaPro announced the names of the referees that will “ref” the matches of the 12th day of the Lega Pro Group B. The gambe between Reggiana and Sambenedettese (Monday 7th of November, kick off at 8.30 pm) will be refereed by Mr. Luigi Pillitteri from Palermo. Pillitteri’s first assistant will be Mr. Lorenzo Abagnara from…

Dario Maltese al tiro
1 November 2016
Four practiced apart, five did therapies

While the nineteen players called by Ac Reggiana coach Leonardo Colucci will be involved in the LegaPro Cup match against Modena (Today in Modena, kick off at 2.30 pm), nine players met at the Via Agosti training grounds to practice or do some therapies Andrea Bovo, Dario Maltese, Raffaele Nolè e Trevor Trevisan did a…

Reggiana 2002
1 November 2016
Scores and tables of the Academy leagues

Here as follow are the scores and table of all the Academy Leagues where plays an Ac Reggiana team. BERRETTI – GROUP B Scores Ancona – Pordenone 1-1 Bassano Virtus – Padova 1-0 Alma Juventus Fano – Mantova 1-3 Santarcangelo – Sambenedettese 4-0 Sassuolo – Modena 1-2 Venezia – Forlì 1-1 Reggiana – Maceratese post….

La Reggiana 2001 a Bassano
1 November 2016
Ac Reggiana Academy’s scores: few matches played, no defeats

Very few matches played for the Ac Reggiana Academy teams, and no defeats however. Giovanissimi Regionali defeated Forlì at home. Esordienti 2004 and Allievi Under 16 Lega Pro both drew against Santarcangelo and Mantova respectively. Good win for the Esordienti Provinciali team against Tricolore Reggiana. Here are the scores in details ALLIEVI UNDER 16 LEGA…

Allenamento 31
31 October 2016
Training weekly schedule

This is the Ac Reggiana training weekly schedule. The player will get back to practice on Wednesday morning at 10.15 after the League Cup match of tomorrow. Club coach Leonardo Colucci will give the day off to his players on Thursday, while Friday will be the only day where the lads will practice twice. One…

Federico Angiulli
31 October 2016
League Cup call ups

Ac Reggiana coach Leonardo Colucci called 19 players for the League Cup game of tomorrow against Modena (Braglia Stadium at 2.30 pm) Here are in detail GOALKEEPERS 12. Davide Narduzzo, 22. Armand De Malija FULL BACKS 6. Alessandro Spanò, 20. Minel Sabotic, 13. Maxime Giron, 14. Vasile Mogos, 15. Paolo Rozzio, 23. Erik Panizzi, 30….

Allenamento 32
31 October 2016
Today’s practice: technique, quickness, tactical training and “10 a side”

One practice session for the lads today. The Ac Reggiana players met to the Via Agosti training grounds and worked, initially, on their technique, by working in couples or in three players. Then they did various quickness exercises and then worked on team tactics. The various offensive schemes and defensive positioning by the through teaching…

Luca Ghiringhelli
30 October 2016
The post match injury report

Alessandro Sbaffo in the only Ac Reggiana player who needs particular attention by the club’s medical department. The midfielder got a sprain to his right knee and tomorrow he will undergo a scan to assess the entity of the injury and devise the best therapy for his rehabilitation. All the other players who played yesterday in…

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