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21 January 2017
The third day of the second half of the Lega Pro Group B, starts today

The third day of the second half of the Lega Pro Group B started today with the match against Mantova and Sambenedettese. At the Danilo Martelli stadium, in fact, these two teams square off with kick off scheduled at 2.30 pm.

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30 December 2016
Today’s Group B fixtures

After the match between Modena and FeralpiSalò (won by the home team 4-1), today the second day of the second half of the season of the LegaPro Group B will be fully on. Here there are its complete fixtures 2.30 PM Pordenone-Forlì Sudtirol-Gubbio Bassano-Teramo Sambenedettese-Maceratese 4.30 PM Venezia-Mantova AlbinoLeffe-Padova Lumezzane-Parma 6.30 PM Ancona-Reggiana Santarcangelo-Fano  …

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11 December 2016
LegaPro Group B 18th day complete fixtures

Here it is the complete fixtures of the 18th day of the LegaPro Group B  2.30 PM Fano-Lumezzane FeralpiSalò-Pordenone Gubbio-Bassano Mantova-Modena Parma-Teramo Sambenedettese-Ancona 4.30 PM Maceratese-Santarcangelo 6.30 PM Forlì-Reggiana Padova-Sudtirol MONDAY 12th of DEC. 6.30 PM AlbinoLeffe-Venezia

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7 December 2016
Lega Pro Group B 17th day Fixtures

Here is the 17th day of the Lega Pro Group B fixtures. Reggiana-FeralpiSalò has been postoponed to Wednesday 14th of December (Kick-off at 8.30 pm)   2.30 PM Ancona-Padova Bassano-Forlì Lumezzane-Mantova Modena-Fano Teramo-Maceratese Venezia-Gubbio 6.30 PM Pordenone-AlbinoLeffe Santarcangelo-Sambenedettese THURSDAY 8TH OF DEC. – 2.30 PM Sudtirol-Parma

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3 December 2016
16th day of LegaPro Group B fixtures

The 16th day of the LegaPro Group B will kick start today with Parma-Bassano. Here’s the fixture in detail Saturday 3rd of December, 2.30 pm Parma-Bassano Sunday 4th of December, 2.30 pm Fano AJ-Venezia     Feralpisalò-Ancona Gubbio-Reggiana Maceratese-Sudtirol Mantova-Santarcangelo Padova-Pordenone Sambenedettese-Modena Sunday 4th of December 6.30 pm Albinoleffe-Lumezzane   Forlì-Teramo

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26 November 2016
Fifteenth day of Group B Lega Pro complete fixtures

We will start with Santarcangelo-Modena today at 2.30 pm and we will finish up with the great derby between Venezia and Padova on Monday at 8.45 pm. Here are the complete fixtures of the fifteenth day of Lega Pro Group B. Santarcangelo-Modena,  2.30 pm Bassano-FeralpiSalò, 2.30 pm Sudtirol-Lumezzane, 2.30 pm Sambenedettese-AlbinoLeffe, 2.30 pm Ancona-Parma, 4.30…

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