Guidone - Reggiana
17 May 2017
Happy Birthday, Big Drive!

Happy Birthday, Marco Guidone! Big Drive, as the Ac Reggiana fans use to call him, celebrates today his 31st birthday being born on the 17th of May 1986. To the club’s striker the best wishes from the whole granata family.

Sergio Contessa
14 March 2017
Happy Birthday Sergio!

Happy birthday to Sergio Contessa. The Ac Reggiana’s left fullback celebrates today his 27th birthday. As a matter of fact he was born on the 14th of March 1990. To Sergio go all the best wishes by the entire granata family.

26 January 2017
Feliz cumple, Martì!

Happy birthday to Martì Riverola. The new Ac Reggiana’s “number 10” celebrates today his 26th birthday as he was born in Barcelona on the 26th of January 1991. To Martì go the best wishes from the entire granata family in this special day.

Hector Otìn Lafuente della Reggiana in azione
19 January 2017
Happy birthday, Hèctor!

Happy Birthday, Hèctor Otìn Lafuente. The Ac Reggiana forward was born in Zaragoza, Spain, on the 19th of January 1996, hence, today, celebrates his 21st birthday. To Hèctor, best wishes from the whole granata family on this special day.

Simone Perilli
7 January 2017
Happy birthday to Simone Perilli

Happy birthday to Simone Perilli. The Ac Reggiana’s goalkeeper, in fact, was born in Rome on the 7th of January 1995, hence, today, he’s celebrating his 22nd birthday. To Simo, congratulations for this special day from the whole granata family. Enjoy your time!

29 December 2016
Happy Birthday, coach Colucci!

Happy Birthday to coach Leonardo Colucci. The Ac Reggiana gaffer, in fact, was born on the 29th of December 1972 and he is celebrating his 44th birthday. To Leo, best wishes from the entire granata family in this special day.

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