Collezione Maglie Reggiana
23 March 2017
Ac Reggiana’s historic kit collection opened today at the club official store

It opened today the Ac Reggiana’s histori kit collection at the club’s official store in the principal square of Reggio Emilia. Club president Mike Piazza, club’s GM Maurizio Franzone, club’s shareholder Gianni Perin and Mr. Luca Quintavalli, owner of club’s kit sponsor Olmedo all attended to the event. The kits collection is open to the…

Mike con la Berretti
13 March 2017
A special “good luck” to our Berretti from our president, Mike Piazza

In the wake of the first game of the Ac Reggiana Berretti at the Viareggio Cup, our president, Mike Piazza, wants to send a message to the team and to all our fans: «I want to say a special “in bocca al lupo” to our giovani at the Viareggio Cup this year.  Our youth teams…

Mike Piazza con la squadra Berretti
3 November 2016
President Mike Pizza visiting the club’s Academy

How to turn an average afternoon of football into a special one. Only it took was a surprise visit by the Ac Reggiana President, Mr. Mike Piazza, to the club’s Academy. Club’s chairman, with the club’s Managing Director Maurizio Franzone, met with the Academy’s chief Sergio Mezzina, and then visited the Academy headquarters, entertaining a…

Mike Piazza alla cena di Obama
19 October 2016
Ac Reggiana President, Mike Piazza, guest at the White House

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA President, Mike Piazza, has been one of the guests at the White House, last night, at the dinner that the President of the United States, Barack Obama, offered to the visiting Italian Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi. President Obama defined Mr. Piazza as the impersonification of the success achieved by the Italian-American…

25 September 2016
Reggiana celebrates 97 years: the message of the President Mike Piazza

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA celebrates its 97th birthday and club’s President, Mr. Mike Piazza, left a message to all the granata family from his Facebook page: «Happy Birthday Reggiana! I am incredibly honored to be the President of this storied franchise which has the most amazing fans! I will be with you very soon! Our organization wish…

Mike e Maurizio alla Gazzetta dello Sport
6 September 2016
Ac Reggiana President, Mike Piazza, guest of Sky Sport and La Gazzetta dello Sport

Ac Reggiana 1919 Spa’s President, Mr. Mike Piazza, was the special guest in the studios of Sky and “La Gazzettadello Sport” yesterday. Piazza, who was with the club’s CEO and General Manager Maurizio Franzone, had a very long live interview on the Sport 24 Today show of Sky Sport News. The same he had in…

5 September 2016
Ac Reggiana President, Mike Piazza guest of Sport 24 Today at 5 pm

Ac Reggiana 1919 Spa, Mr. Mike Piazza, will be the guest of Sky Sport this afternoon. Precisely, Mr. Piazza will be on air at 5 pm at the Sport 24 Today show, channel 200 of the Sky decoder.

Mike Piazza
4 September 2016
Happy Birthday, Mr President!

Today is Ac Reggiana 1919 Spa President’s birthday. Mr. Mike Piazza, in fact, was born in Norristown (Pennsylvania) on the 4th of September 1968. The entire Granata Family wishes to President Piazza all the best inthis special day for him and his family. The lads on the pitch gave him a much appreciated present yesterday…

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