Collezione Maglie Reggiana
23 March 2017
Ac Reggiana’s historic kit collection opened today at the club official store

It opened today the Ac Reggiana’s histori kit collection at the club’s official store in the principal square of Reggio Emilia. Club president Mike Piazza, club’s GM Maurizio Franzone, club’s shareholder Gianni Perin and Mr. Luca Quintavalli, owner of club’s kit sponsor Olmedo all attended to the event. The kits collection is open to the…

Official Store Interno
8 December 2016
Ac Reggiana Official Store becomes reality: thanks to everyone who made this possible

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA is particularly proud to launch the club’s new Official Store. It will be our “embassy” in the city center of Reggio Emilia, and the hope is to make it part of the heart and soul of our fan base in downtown. We, as a club, are incredibly proud to have made…

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