Allenamento 31
17 October 2016
Before Padova-Reggiana: the lads morning “walk-through”

The Ac Reggiana players in their pre-game camp in Padova, have just finished their morning walk through. The lads, after a brief warm up, got through their offensive schemes several times and worked on the set pieces. The session finished with a series of penalty where goalkeeper Davide Narduzzo gave the best of himself. Every…

Manconi in Reggiana-Fano
16 October 2016
Ac Reggiana’s call ups for Padova

Ac Reggiana team coach Leonardo Colucci called 23 players for Padova-Reggiana of tomorrow night. Here they are GOALKEEPERS 1. Simone Perilli; 12. Davide Narduzzo FULLBACKS 6. Alessandro Spanò, 20. Minel Sabotic, 13. Maxime Giron, 14. Vasile Mogos, 15. Paolo Rozzio, 23. Erik Panizzi, 24. Luca Ghiringhelli, 25. Trevor Trevisan MIDFIELDERS 4 Federico Angiulli, 5 Alessandro…

16 October 2016
Today’s practice: team tactics, 11 a side and set pieces

Last practice of the week for the Ac Reggiana players before leaving for Padova where they will face the local team tomorrow night (Kick off at 8.45 pm). Team coach, Leonardo Colucci, put his focus on the team tactics. He made his players work on specific game situations and, after an 11 a side on…

Allenamento 32
15 October 2016
This morning’s practice: team tactics, 11 a side and shots on goal

After the day off on Friday, the lads got back to practice this morning at the via Agosti training grounds. The focus is fully on the Monday Night against Padova (Broadcasted live on RaiSport, kick off at 8.45 pm). Ac Reggiana players started with the usual warm up and then devoted a big part of…

Allenamento 31
14 October 2016
The lads will be back at it tomorrow

After the day off conceded by team coach Leonardo Colucci, the Ac Reggiana players will be back to practice tomorrow morning. The goal is the Monday night against Padova (kick off at 8.45 live on RaiSport). The lads will meet at the Via Agosti training grounds at 10.30 am.

Allenamento 31
13 October 2016
Today’s practice:”11 against zero” and eleven a side

One single practice session for the lads today. Under a battering rain, the lads got at it with good intensity. The Ac Reggiana players firstly got involved in a technical warm up, individual and with couples. They then did an exercise on a very small portion of the pitch with the mini goals. Then it…

Allenamento Reggiana 25
11 October 2016
Today’s practice: warm up, ball possession and 11 a side

The lads were back at it this afternoon at the Via Agosti training ground. The Reggiana players warmed up with the ball and then got engaged in different ball possession exercises. They then got involved in an “11 a side” in half court. The players eventually did some athletic work in the end, and some…

Arbitro Generico
11 October 2016
Padova-Reggiana, Mr Guccini will be the referee

LegaPro made officiale the referee designations for the 9th game of the LegaPro Group B. Mr. Francesco Guccini from Alassio will be the referee of Padova-Reggiana, that will be the Monday night (broadcasted live by RaiSport, kick off at 8.45 pm). Mr. Guccini’s assistants will be Mr. Michele Lombardi from Brescia and Mr. Fabrizio Lombardo…

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