Allenamento 45
28 December 2016
Today’s practice: athletic warm up, team tactics and 11 a side

Just one practice for the lads today. The Ac Reggiana players did start practice with an athletic warm up. They then worked on team tactics with defensive and offensive schemes and finished up with an 11 a side on a smaller pitch. Paolo Rozzio did practice regularly with the team. Simone Calvano and Luigi Falcone didn’t…

Reggiana-Ancona squadra
3 September 2016
Ac Reggiana scores four goals against Ancona

It was a great first home game of the season for Ac Reggiana of President Mike Piazza, who was at the game. 4-0 against Ancona that leaves the fans very optimistic for the future. Reggiana-Ancona 4-0 Marcatori: 35′ e 38 pt Jacopo Manconi, 13’st Angiulli, 48′ st Nolé Reggiana: Perilli; Ghiringhelli, Spanò (26’st Sabotic), Rozzio,…

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