Mike Piazza
4 September 2016
Happy Birthday, Mr President!

Today is Ac Reggiana 1919 Spa President’s birthday. Mr. Mike Piazza, in fact, was born in Norristown (Pennsylvania) on the 4th of September 1968. The entire Granata Family wishes to President Piazza all the best inthis special day for him and his family. The lads on the pitch gave him a much appreciated present yesterday…

Reggiana-Ancona squadra
3 September 2016
Ac Reggiana scores four goals against Ancona

It was a great first home game of the season for Ac Reggiana of President Mike Piazza, who was at the game. 4-0 against Ancona that leaves the fans very optimistic for the future. Reggiana-Ancona 4-0 Marcatori: 35′ e 38 pt Jacopo Manconi, 13’st Angiulli, 48′ st Nolé Reggiana: Perilli; Ghiringhelli, Spanò (26’st Sabotic), Rozzio,…

Don Evandro benedice la Reggiana
2 September 2016
Priest Evandro Gherardi visited the team today

It was such an appreciated visit to the team the one that Don Evandro Gherardi, priest of Lentigione (a small village outside Reggio Emilia. Don Evandro entertained a few words with Mr. Leonardo Colucci and the lads, pronounced “Our Father” and some more inspired words to Marchi and his teammates. The hope is that Don…

1 September 2016
Mike Piazza and Stefano Compagni joint statement

4767 season ticket holders to Ac Reggiana. The ownership of the club feels the need to express its gratitude to all the fans who showed their love and support to Reggiana «We dreamed of reaching 5000 season passes – Mike Piazza and Stefano Compagni say -. We came this close. In reality, we achieved the…

Alessandro Sbaffo con l'Avellino
31 August 2016
Alessandro Sbaffo arrives at Ac Reggiana on loan

Ac Reggiana 1919 Spa announces to have acquired on loan from Avellino, Alessandro Sbaffo, midfielder. Sbaffowas born in Loreto on the 27th of August 1990 and is a product of the Chievo Academy. He played with Piacenza and Avellino on loan. He spent the season 2013/2014 on loan at Reggina. On August 2014, Sbaffo is,…

Luigi Falcone con la maglia del Catania
31 August 2016
Luigi Falcone signs with Ac Reggiana

Ac Reggiana 1919 Spa announces to have signed the left winger Luigi Falcone from Catania Calcio. Falcone was born in Mesagne (Brindisi) on the 26th of May 1992. As a football player he is a product of the Lecce’s Academy. He then moved on loan to Virtus Lanciano during the 2012/2013 season. One year later…

Christian Maldini ceduto a Malta
31 August 2016
Christian Maldini to Hamrun Spartans on loan

Ac Reggiana announces to have loaned out until the end of the season Christian Maldini to Malta’s Hamrun Spartans Fc. The full-back will have the opportunity to have consistent playing time and show his qualities. The club wishes to Christian best of luck and looks forward to welcoming back at the end of this football…

Maglia disegnata dagli studenti
31 August 2016
The kit designed by the students will be delivered on Friday

Nicola Simonelli, the Ac Reggiana delegate for education, will deliver the shirt designed by the students to the dean of the Toano school on Friday 2nd of September at noon. The Reggiana players will wear that shirt on Saturday in their first home game of the season against Ancona. The mayor of Toano and Matteo…

Marcello Possenti
31 August 2016
Marcello Possenti to Reggina Calcio

Ac Reggiana 1919 Spa announces to have transferred Marcello Possenti to Reggiana Calcio. The entire club wants to thank Marcello for his professionalism and wishes him all the best for the remainder of his career.

Ac Reggiana 1919
28 August 2016
Bassano-Reggiana: detailed scoresheet

This is the detailed scoresheet of the match between Bassano and Reggiana. BASSANO-REGGIANA 2-1 Marcatori: Minesso (B) 4’st, Guidone (R) 48’st, Fabbro (B) 49’st Bassano: Bastianoni; Formiconi, Pasini, Bizzotto, Crialese; Laurenti, Cavagna, Proietti, Minesso (30’st Barison); Rantier (23’st Fabbro), Maistrello (34’st Grandolfo). A disp: Piras, Falzerano, Bianchi, Tronco, Soprano, Bortot). All: Taddei Reggiana: Perilli; Mogos,…

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