Collezione Maglie Reggiana
23 March 2017
Ac Reggiana’s historic kit collection opened today at the club official store

It opened today the Ac Reggiana’s histori kit collection at the club’s official store in the principal square of Reggio Emilia. Club president Mike Piazza, club’s GM Maurizio Franzone, club’s shareholder Gianni Perin and Mr. Luca Quintavalli, owner of club’s kit sponsor Olmedo all attended to the event. The kits collection is open to the…

29 November 2016
Today’s practice: technical warm up, ball possession, pick up game and cool down

The lads got back at it this afternoon. The Ac Reggiana players met at the Via Agosti training ground to start their preparation for the match in Gubbio on next Sunday (kick off at 2.30 pm). After a brief warm up in the new gym close to the pitch, the lads did some ball possession…

Allievi Regionali 2001
25 November 2016
Ac Reggiana Academy week end schedule

All the Ac Reggiana Academy teams will play during the incaming week end. Tutte in campo le formazioni del Settore Giovanile granata in questo ultimo week-end di Novembre. Reggiana Berretti will play in Bassano in what it seems a very tough match to play. The aim is to keep the positive streak alive. Allievi Under…

Allenamento 40
24 November 2016
Today’s practice: positional tactics and pick up game

The lads practiced this afternoon at the Via Agosti training grounds. The team after the warm up worked on positional tactics. The fullbacks with team coach Leonardo Colucci; midfielders and forwards with his assistant Gianni Migliorini. The session ended with an “11 a side” on a reduced portion of the pitch. Daniele Pedrelli had his last…

Federico Mastropietro in azione con la prima squadra
23 November 2016
Ac Reggiana Berretti keeps rolling, Under 16 upsets the undefeated Renate

The Ac Reggiana Berretti keeps rolling and by winning against Santarcangelo for 3-1 keeps its winning streak alive and stays at the top of the table. Allievi Under 17 draws in fantastic fashion against Padova, while the Under 15 stumbles against the Padova team of the same class of age. Great upset by the Allievi…

Allenamento 36
24 October 2016
Today’s practice: cool down for the starters, shots on goal and pick up game for the subs

The lads met this afternoon at 3.30 pm to restart their preparation for the game against Mantova on Saturday. The starters of the match against Maceratese did some ball possession exercises and then moved to do some cool down work. The subs worked on their shooting skills and then played a “six a side” on…

25 September 2016
Reggiana celebrates 97 years: the message of the President Mike Piazza

Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA celebrates its 97th birthday and club’s President, Mr. Mike Piazza, left a message to all the granata family from his Facebook page: «Happy Birthday Reggiana! I am incredibly honored to be the President of this storied franchise which has the most amazing fans! I will be with you very soon! Our organization wish…

25 September 2016
Happy Birthday, beloved, Reggiana!

It was the 25th of September 1919 when the Reggio Foot-Ball & Cricket Club and Audace Reggio merged together to become one single club: Associazione Calcio Reggiana. All this, thanks to Mr. Severino Taddei. Today the club celebrates its 97th birthday. From the whole entire family the best and most sincere wishes to our beloved…

Ac Reggiana 1919
24 September 2016
Ac Reggiana grieves Franco Marini

A bereavement struck Franco Marini, unforgettable player and coach of AC Reggiana 1919 SpA. Yesterday passed out his wife Nadia Maccaferri. To Franco Marini the deepest condolences of the entire granata family. The funeral will be held Monday, September 26 at 10:50 starting from the funeral Honours Reverberi for Ospizio church.

Nonna Lea e Nonno Pepi
23 September 2016
Nonna Lea and Nonno Pepi confirmed alongside Reggiana and prepare the match against Parma on the table

The erbazzone challenge  the anolinis. The derby between Reggiana and Parma could also play at the table, in a contest between excellence of the territory and among these is surely the Nonno and Nonna Lea Pepi erbazzone that for next season wants to tie its brand to ‘ AC Reggiana 1919. “we are fans, sports fans and…

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