22 September 2016
Emak enters the Pool Granata for the first time

“Guido Tamelli, CEO of AC Reggiana 1919 is pleased to announce the entry into the Pool granata of Emak Group.” It ‘a significant proof of esteem and confidence – remarks Tamelli – that will give us the strength to grow and improve our ability to be ambassadors of reggianità and at the same time internationalization…

Partnership Reggiana-Confcommercio
22 September 2016
Ac Reggiana and FIDA-Confcommercio: the partnership continues

After the thrilling victory in the derby against Modena we’re expecting another fascinating match against South Tirol which could put wings to Reggiana. In this logical we can record with great satisfaction that will continue this year the partnership between FIDA-Confcommercio and Ac Reggiana 1919. A combination that has proved successful as well as special,…

TIE in partnership con la Reggiana
21 September 2016
T.I.E. still supporting Ac Reggiana

I look with interest and curiosity the arrival of Mike Piazza in the Italian football and in particular to Reggiana. I am certain that the ability to relate with the territory by Medici and Compagni matched to the American  horizon that Mike Piazza led, will be a propellant for the club’s ambitions. ” The speaker is…

Stefano Compagni nella task force di LegaPro
21 September 2016
Vicepresident Compagni in the LegaPro task force to restructure the League

Ac Reggiana Vice President, Stefano Compagni, has been named by the LegaPro general council as a member of a group of club’s presidents with the particular task to renew the LegaPro three championships. Mr. Compagni is particularly proud of this new role: «I am very proud of having been called to cover this position within…

alicia, mike e Maurizio Franzone
21 September 2016
Happy Birthday Alicia!

Happy Birthday to Alicia Rickter, Ac Reggiana 1919 SpA’s president Mike Piazza’s wife. The entire “granata family” wishes all the best in this special day to Mrs. Piazza

19 September 2016
Surfaces Technological Abrasives Srl is a new sponsor of Ac Reggiana

A.C. Reggiana 1919 S.p.A. announces that on August 27 has entered into new commercial agreement with Surfaces Technological Abrasives for the 2016/2017 season. The agreement between Reggiana and Surfaces is made official directly from Vice President Stefano Compagni. The signing of the agreement took place at the headquarter of the partner company. “Closing such an…

Maxime Giron in azione contro il Modena
18 September 2016
Modena-Reggiana 1-2: the granata win the derby by coming from behind

Ac Reggiana wins the derby against Modena in front of 2500 fans who filled the stands of the Alberto Braglia Stadium. 1-2 the final score, with the Granata who were able to come from behind. In fact, Modena scored first with Ravasi, but Reggiana answered the bell with (Maxime) Giron and (Marco) Guidone. MODENA-REGGIANA 1-2…

Perin-Pini Srl
16 September 2016
La Pini Srl enters in the Pool Granata

Gianni Perin, partner and AC Reggiana 1919 advisor welcomes the entry into the granata family of the Pini srl. “It’s a further certificate of trust in our society – emphasize Gianni Perin – we are proud of this partnership which confirms our local roots.” “It draws its origin from this sense of belonging – remarks…

Reggiana-Ancona, Maxime Giron
15 September 2016
Happy Birthday Maxime!

Happy Birthday to Maxime Giron. The Ac Reggiana left full back, in fact, was born in Gonesse (France), on the 15th of September 1994. Hence, today, he celebrates his 22nd birthday. Dear Maxime, joyeux anniversaire from the whole club!

CTM Bruno Severi
14 September 2016
C.T.M. still partner of Ac Reggiana

A significant confirmation in the Pool Granata 2016/17. The CTM of Casalgrande has decided to renew its engagement with the A.C. Reggiana 1919 S.p.A. family, showing great confidence for the coming in of Mike Piazza properties and confirming the friendship with Stefano Compagni and Gianfranco Medici. “I’m not saying that this will be a the…

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