26 April 2017
Reggiana-Forlì: Mr Curti will be the referee

Mr. Davide Curti from Milan will be Reggiana-Forlì’s referee. His first assistant will be Miss Ylenia D’Alia from Trapani. His second linesman will be Mr. Matteo Guddo from Palermo.

26 April 2017
Ac ReggianaUnder 17 and Under 15: the joy against Parma is double

It was another week end rich of satisfaction for the Ac Reggiana Academy teams. Barring the loss of the Berretti against Mantova at home. A loss that doesn’t hurt and can be explained by the fact that Paolo Zanetti lads’ focus is already on the National Finals. The joys come from the Under 17 and…

26 April 2017
Domani sgambata con la Pavullese

Domani, giovedì, alle ore 16 presso i campi di via Agosti la Reggiana disputerà una sgambata con la Pavullese, squadra neo promossa in Prima Categoria. E’ altresì in via di definizione un’altra sgambata infrasettimanale con la Folgore Rubiera l’11 di Maggio a Rubiera.

Allenamento Reggiana - 65
24 April 2017
This morning practice: cool down for the starters, “foot-tennis” and pick up game for the subs

It just ended the Ac Reggiana players practice at the via Agosti training grounds. The yesterday game starters did the classic cool-down work out with running, gym and for the one who required them, therapies and massages. Si è appena concluso l’allenamento dei giocatori della Reggiana ai campi di via Agosti. I titolari hanno svolto…

Ghiringhelli - Reggiana
22 April 2017
FeralpiSalò-Reggiana call-ups

Ac Reggiana coach Leonardo Menichini called twentytwo players for the match against FeralpiSalò. Here they are in detail GOALKEEPERS 1 Simone Perilli; 12 Davide Narduzzo FULLBACKS 3 Daniele Pedrelli, 6 Alessandro Spanò, 15 Paolo Rozzio,20 Minel Sabotic, 23 Erik Panizzi, 24 Luca Ghiringhelli, 25 Trevor Trevisan, 28 Sergio Contessa MIDFIELDERS 5 Alessandro Sbaffo, 8 Dario…

Allenamento Reggiana - 65
22 April 2017
This morning practice: individual warm up, team tactics, rapidity and explosivity, pick up game and work on set pieces

The Ac Reggiana players practiced this morning at the via Agosti training ground. The lads started with an individual warm up and work briefly on the build up play. Then worked on quickness and rapidity before playing the usual half pitch pick up game and the defensive positions on set pieces. All the players are…

21 April 2017
Today’s practice: athletic warm up, team tactics and work on set pieces

It just ended the daily Ac Reggiana players’ practice at the via Agosti training ground. The lads started with and athletic warm up with club’s strength and conditioning coach, prof. Franco Ferrini. The team worked on its tactics, either focusing on its build up as well as defensive positioning. The training finished with the work…

20 April 2017
This morning practice: athletic warm up, ball possessions, full pitch pick up game

The Ac Reggiana players practiced this morning at the Via Agosti training facility. The lads begun with an athletic warm up and then did several ball possession. The workout finished with a full pitch pick up game split into two halves. All the players trained regularly beside Ettore Marchi (groin) who did therapies and work…

19 April 2017
Academy league tables

Here are the scores (for the league that kept playing during Easter) and the tables of the Academy leagues. BERRETTI – GROUP B Scores Forlì – Sambenedettese 2-2 Mantova – Ancona 3-2 Venezia – Bassano Virtus 1-1 Pordenone – Maceratese 0-1 Alma Juventus Fano – Reggiana 1-2 Modena – Santarcangelo 2-1 Padova – Sassuolo 2-2…

Esordienti Reggiana Torneo Giovannini
19 April 2017
Ac Reggiana Academy week end: Esordienti come second at the Giovannini tournament

Ac Reggiana Berretti was the only club Academy team involved in a league game during the Easter weekend, and the lads duly delivered. Paolo Zanetti’s team, in fact, won 2-1 in Fano. In the several Easter tournaments that saw an Ac Reggiana Academy team involved, the Esordienti 2004 team stood out by coming second in…

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