Ettore Marchi
21 October 2016
Friday’s injury report

Luigi Falcone underwent a scan to his abductor. The outcome was very favorable, as there’s nothing broken. The Ac Reggiana winger will skip the game of tomorrow but will be back to practice next week. His situation will be evaluated day by day but his recovery should be quick Ettore Marchi skipped practice as of his…

Federico Angiulli
21 October 2016
Reggiana-Maceratese call ups

Ac Reggiana coach Leonardo Colucci called 22 players for the tomorrow match against Maceratese (Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore”, alle ore 16.30). Here they are GOALKEEPERS 1. Simone Perilli; 12. Davide Narduzzo FULLBACKS 6. Alessandro Spanò, 20. Minel Sabotic, 13. Maxime Giron, 14. Vasile Mogos, 15. Paolo Rozzio, 23. Erik Panizzi, 24. Luca Ghiringhelli, 25….

allenamento 35
21 October 2016
Today’s practice: quickness, team tactics, pick up game and work on set pieces

It was the last practice before Reggiana-Maceratese today. The Reggiana players met at the via Agosti training grounds, and worked on ball possession in tight spaces and quickness and rapidity. Then it was time for finetuning the team tactics and a pick up game. The session ended with a work on set pieces on the…

Paolo Rozzio di testa
20 October 2016
Thursday’s injury report

Thursday’s injury report. Two situations deserve a bit more attention. Ettore Marchi and his left ankle. Today the striker had the mild swelling taken away. The ankle is stable as it was after the examination of yesterday. The player will undergo to some specific therapy with the club physio Remigio Del Sole and starting next…

Allenamento 27
19 October 2016
Today’s practice: ball possession excercises and “7 a side”

Under a battering rain, the Ac Reggiana players practiced this afternoon. After the usual warm up, the lads worked on team’s ball possession with specific exercises. Then the group played a seven a side on a half pitch. Alessandro Cesarini practiced with the team for the whole session; the same did Simone Calvano. Andrea Bovo,…

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