Maxime Giron, terzino sinistro della Reggiana
21 January 2017
Tomorrow’s game call ups

Ac Reggiana’s manager Leonardo Colucci called 21 players for the tomorrow’s game against Venezia. Here they are. GOALKEEPERS 1 Simone Perilli; 12 Davide Narduzzo FULLBACKS 6 Alessandro Spanò, 13 Maxime Giron, 15 Paolo Rozzio, 20 Minel Sabotic, 23 Erik Panizzi MIDFIELDERS 5 Alessandro Sbaffo, 14 Gael Genevier, 16 Andrea Bovo, 18 Bryan Mecca, 19 Mattia…

Allenamento 4
21 January 2017
Today’s practice: agility work, team tactics, shortsided game and work on set pieces

It just ended the last practice of Ac Reggiana before the match of tomorrow against Venezia (Kick off at 6.30 pm at Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore”). The lads after a work on agility, did focus on team tactics and played a short sided “nine against nine”. It all ended with the usual work on…

Allenamento 9
20 January 2017
Today’s practice: athletic training, tactical work and pick up games

Second to last practice for the lads before the match against Venezia on Sunday (Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore”, kick off at 6.30 pm). The players, after an athletic warm up, worked on team and individual tactics. The session finished with the group split into three teams taking turns in playing against each other in…

Allenamento numero nove
19 January 2017
Today’s practice: technical warm up, tactical pick up games and shortsided match

Two training sessions today fro the lads. This morning it was about midfielders and forwards, this afternoon about the whole team. In the morning the Ac Reggiana’s midfielders and forwards worked on positional and individual tactics. After a video session right after lunch, the players got back at it. After a technical warm up, the…

Arbitro Generico
18 January 2017
Reggiana-Venezia: Mr. Antonio Giua will be the referee

LegaPro announced the list of referees that will “cover” the matches of the third day of the second half of the Group B. Reggiana-Venezia’s referee will be Mr. Antonio Giua from Olbia. His first assistant will be Mr. Alberto d’Alberto from Teramo. His second assistant will be Mr. Luca Solazzi from Avezzano.

I ragazzi al lavoro in campo - Reggiana
17 January 2017
Today’s practice: athletic warm up, “eleven versus zero”, ball possession and five a side tournament

One single practice for the lads, this afternoon at the Via Agosti training grounds. The session started with an athletic warm-up, followed by an extensive work on the team’s build up play with “eleven versus zero” exercises. Then the team played a series of ball possession pick up games with no goals and finished with…

Allenamento 12
15 January 2017
The lads will be back at it tomorrow

It’s the week that will lead us to the match against Venezia (Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore”, Sunday 22nd of January, 6.30 pm kick-off). The lads will begin it tomorrow in the early afternoon with the first practice of the week. After the day and a half off, the Ac Reggiana players and the coaching…

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