L'allenamento di questa mattina
28 January 2017
Today’s practice: technical warm up, agility and rapidity, shortsided match and work on set pieces

It just ended the lads’ last practice before the match of tomorrow against Santarcangelo (Kick off at 6.30 pm). The Ac Reggiana’s players did a technical warm-up, followed by a work of rapidity and agility. Then the players got involved in a short sided match and it all ended with a work on set pieces….

Reggiana-Venezia Alessandro Cesarini
28 January 2017
Santarcangelo-Reggiana call ups

Mr Leonardo Menichini called nineteen players for the tomorrow match between Santarcangelo and Reggiana. Here they are in detail GOALKEEPERS 1 Simone Perilli; 12 Davide Narduzzo FULLBACKS 6 Alessandro Spanò, 13 Maxime Giron, 15 Paolo Rozzio, 20 Minel Sabotic, 23 Erik Panizzi, 24 Luca Ghiringhelli MIDFIELDERS 5 Alessandro Sbaffo, 10 Martì Riverola, 14. Gael Genevier,…

27 January 2017
Today’s practice: tactical training, offensive schemes and set pieces

One single practice for the lads today, at the via Agosti training grounds. The Ac Reggiana players had a lengthy session focused on tactical work and offensive schemes with and without defense. The session ended with a work on corners and set pieces. Simone Calvano got back to train after the flu he had the…

Allenamento 12
26 January 2017
Today’s practice: pick up game “11 against 11”

One single practice for the lads, this afternoon, at the via Agosti training grounds. After a technical warm up with two “11 against zero” on half pitch, the group was split into two groups that faced each other in a full pitch pick up game. Simone Calvano skipped practice again because of the flu. Dario…

Arbitro Generico
26 January 2017
Santarcangelo-Reggiana: Mr. Proietti will be the referee

LegaPro announced the name of the referee of Santarcangelo vs. Reggiana (“V. Mazzola” stadium, kick off at 6.30 pm). He will be Mr. Matteo Proietti from Terni. The first linesman will be Mr. Andrea Bologna from Mantova. The second linesman will be Mr. Carmine Graziano, also from Mantova.

L'allenamento di questa mattina
25 January 2017
Today’s double training practice: athletic training and agility with the ball in the morning, “11 against zero” and pick up game in the afternoon

Double practice session for the lads today. In the morning the Ac Reggiana players worked mainly on the athletic side of the game with the new club athletic trainer, Mr. Ferrini, and some work on agility and possession with the ball on a reduced portion of the pitch. In the afternoon the lads had a…

Il nuovo staff tecnico della Reggiana
24 January 2017
Today’s practice: technical warm up, pressure pick up game, athletic work and shortsided match

New Ac Reggiana First Team coach, Leonardo Menichini’s first practice has just ended. The lads opened their session with a technical warm-up, they then played several pickup games with no goals with some athletic work in between. The session finished with a short sided match and some stretching to cool down. Dario Maltese e Trevor…

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