Mister Zanetti parla ai ragazzi della Reggiana
12 February 2017
Sergio Mezzina: «The Viareggio Tournament is the reward for Ac Reggiana ownership and how much it believes in the Academy»

Sergio Mezzina is the Director of the Ac Reggiana Academy since last July. During this span, the teams of the Academy are dominating almost all the leagues they are taking part and now can be proud of another distinguished prize: to be into the prestigious “Torneo di Viareggio 2017” with the Berretti team. Mr. Mezzina…

Reggiana Berretti Squadra
8 February 2017
The Ac Reggiana Berretti to the “Torneo di Viareggio”: today the draw took place

It took place today the official draw of the “Torneo di Viareggio”, the prestigious youth international tournament where the Ac Reggiana Berretti has been invited after its first appearance since 2004. The young granata have been drawn in the Group 10 alongside Torino, Rijeka (Croatia) and Crtuluà (Colombia). The first match of the group for…

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