Allenamento 41
13 December 2016
Today’s practice: technical warm-up, tactical training and “11 a side”

Second to last practice for the lads who trained this afternoon before the final walkthrough of tomorrow morning before the match of tomorrow night against FeralpiSalò (kick-off at 8.30 pm). The lads warmed up with the ball trying schemes and one-two, they then moved to work in specific tactical situations and more, in general, rehearsing…

Allenamento 45
12 December 2016
This morning’s practice: cool down for the starters of yesterday, tactics and pick up game for the subs

The Ac Reggiana players met this morning to restart practicing for the match of Wednesday against FeralpiSalò (Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore”, kick off at 8.30 pm). The starters of yesterday did the usual cool down practice that happens after every game, while the subs did a tactical work and finished with a short sided…

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