Mike Allievi
12 April 2017
Ac Reggiana Academy schedule: the Under 17 playing tonight at the Torneo Zini

The Ac Reggiana Academy doesn’t stop. Even during Easter time. After the last glorious weekend, it is time to prepare for the last stretch of the season and the several tournaments that our Academy teams will take part. The Berretti team will travel to Fano on Saturday, while the Under 17 will play in the…

20 March 2017
Five Ac Reggiana Academy youngsters called for a Under 15 National Team stage

Five young Ac Reggiana Giovanissimi Under 15 talents have been called for a Under 15 National Team stage that will take place in Modena on the 23rd of March. The young granata are the goalie Alessandro Marconi, the full back Andrea Galeotti, the fullback Francesco Folino, the midfielder Pio Leonardo Trezza and the forward Christian…

Rocco - Reggiana Berretti
16 March 2017
The Ac Reggiana Berretti fights hard but looses to Rijeka 1-0

Rijeka-Reggiana 1-0 Goal: 20′ pt Ristovski Rijeka: Nevistic, Bamidele, Mulac, Modric, Svetic, Dukadin, Ristovski, Lepinjica, Turcin, Mikulica, Kovacevic. Subs: Mioc, Ilicic, Santek, Nicoletti, Lebar, Lepinjica, Ernko, Majikic. Reggiana: DeMalija, Masini (40’st Tamagnini), Zito, Massari, Boccalari (10’st Zaccarriello), Rizzi, Mastropietro (10’st Rocco), Sadik (20’st Storchi), Vernocchi, Mecca (40’st Capitani), Konè. Subs: Errera, Cavallini, Cotroneo, Guerri, Rivi,…

Matteo Rizzi partita Berretti
10 March 2017
The Ac Reggiana Academy weekend schedule: Under 17 and Under 15 doubleheader against Forlì

The Ac Reggiana Academy weekend schedule won’t see the Berretti team involved. Coach Paolo Zanetti’s team postponed the derby against Sassuolo. It was due to play today. The team will have the time to rest, focus and prepare at its best for the Viareggio Cup that will start next week.  Under 17 and 15 will play…

Reggiana Berretti vs Modena
7 March 2017
Ac Reggiana Academy week end boxscores: Esordienti in brilliant fashion against Bologna

It was another home defeat for the Ac Reggiana Berretti who wasn’t able to overcome Modena’s early goal: 1-2 the final result. Allievi Under 17, Under 16 and, Under 15 had all a day off. Giovanissimi Regionali drew a level against Piacenza, while the Esordienti team won in brilliant fashion against Bologna. Here are the…

Bryan Mecca - Berretti
2 March 2017
Ac Reggiana Academy week end schedule

It will be a big derby and a big match for the Ac Reggiana Berretti that will face Modena on Saturday in Casalgrande, hence on the home turf. It’s a big derby and it’s a big match as the team topping the table is squaring off with the second. The Under 17 and Under 16…

Paolo Zanetti ed i suoi ragazzi
20 February 2017
Paolo Zanetti: «At the Viareggio Cup, my Ac Reggiana Berretti will face the best of the best»

For Paolo Zanetti, taking part to the Viareggio Cup has two significant meanings. The first one: it’s a reward for the great season his lads are doing with the Ac Reggiana Berretti. The second one: it’s like a deja-vu for him. As a player, in fact, he featured in one edition of this prestigious youth…

13 February 2017
The Ac Reggiana youngster, Francesco Folino, called for a stage with the Under 15 LegaPro NT

The Ac Reggiana youngster Francesco Folino has been called for a two days stage with the Under 15 LegaPro NT. Folino will have to report to San Marino on Wednsday 15th of February and will stay there until Thursday 16th of February.

Mister Zanetti parla ai ragazzi della Reggiana
12 February 2017
Sergio Mezzina: «The Viareggio Tournament is the reward for Ac Reggiana ownership and how much it believes in the Academy»

Sergio Mezzina is the Director of the Ac Reggiana Academy since last July. During this span, the teams of the Academy are dominating almost all the leagues they are taking part and now can be proud of another distinguished prize: to be into the prestigious “Torneo di Viareggio 2017” with the Berretti team. Mr. Mezzina…

Reggiana Berretti Squadra
8 February 2017
The Ac Reggiana Berretti to the “Torneo di Viareggio”: today the draw took place

It took place today the official draw of the “Torneo di Viareggio”, the prestigious youth international tournament where the Ac Reggiana Berretti has been invited after its first appearance since 2004. The young granata have been drawn in the Group 10 alongside Torino, Rijeka (Croatia) and Crtuluà (Colombia). The first match of the group for…

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