Rijeka-Reggiana 1-0

Goal: 20′ pt Ristovski

Rijeka: Nevistic, Bamidele, Mulac, Modric, Svetic, Dukadin, Ristovski, Lepinjica, Turcin, Mikulica, Kovacevic. Subs: Mioc, Ilicic, Santek, Nicoletti, Lebar, Lepinjica, Ernko, Majikic.

Reggiana: DeMalija, Masini (40’st Tamagnini), Zito, Massari, Boccalari (10’st Zaccarriello), Rizzi, Mastropietro (10’st Rocco), Sadik (20’st Storchi), Vernocchi, Mecca (40’st Capitani), Konè. Subs: Errera, Cavallini, Cotroneo, Guerri, Rivi, Sula, Spirito, Marconi, Borghi, Blandamura. Coach: Zanetti

Referee: Sili di Viterbo
They fought hard. They left everything they had on the pitch. They came out as losers, but only on the scoreboard, because the people in the stands paid tribute to the Ac Reggiana Berretti players an extended standing ovation. It all happened just like this: the Croatians of Rijeka defeated the young granata 1-0 in the second Viareggio Cup game. Rijeka won with a goal scored in the first half punishing the Reggiana defense on the first scoring chances they had. Paolo Zanetti’s lads did not give up. They kept playing a great brand of football; they kept fighting hard on every possession, they just couldn’t convert on goal the numerous scoring chances they had. With this loss, the Ac Reggiana Berretti is out of the Viareggio Cup but has one last game to showcase its talents: the one against the great Torino on Sunday.