“If your problem is to have a specific vendor, fast and above all punctual deliveries … then we make up your alley” is the slogan chosen to characterize the way of working.

A company which celebrated 60 years of life (founded in 1955) and which occupies six employees. The company is located in Via Primo Maggio 7 in Correggio and produces envelopes and bags, plastic; transparent and colored (customized up to three colors) or plain envelopes with pressure seals, garbage bags and cover gowns. There are several sectors of application of the company’s product: ceramics, automotive, electromechanical, spare parts, paper and in general all those who have packaging problems. The company operates mainly in central and northern Italy and has as peculiarity in the speed of production and delivery, since it is able to meet any demand by using modern equipment internal to the company in a short time.

“Our granata faith – remarks Arturo Gandolfi – is rooted in time. I went to Curva Sud in Mirabello when the staircase was still built with iron tubes and the bomber’s name was Zandoli”