Like every game, its aftermath comes with quite a bit of work for the medical department. Ac Reggiana is no different. Ettore Marchi sprained again his left ankle that was already hit in the Modena derby. It looks like a very mild one. Today the Reggiana’s striker was checked by the medical staff and treated by the club physio Remigio Del Sole. His situation looks better than expected. The player is still hurting but the ankle is not swollen and no other complications have been revealed. Marchi worked on the stationary bike today and will do the same tomorrow. Tomorrow will be re-evaluated by the medical department who will decide the best recovery pattern for the player. At this particular moment in time, no instrumental screening has been set for Marchi. Andrea Bovo and Simone Calvano are both hurting for a hit they got during the game, yesterday night. Paolo Rozzio is feeling a tight muscle in his thigh. None of the three is at risk to skip practice tomorrow afternoon.