The lads got back at it this morning. The Ac Reggiana players met at the Via Agosti training ground after the winter break and got back in the practice rhythm. In the morning the players sustained a series of physical tests in group of five. In the afternoon a real training session was staged. The players started with a warm up in the gym and with work on coordination and rapidity. Then they worked on their individual technique alone and in couples. The most dynamic part of the practice was dedicated to a series of short sided pick up game, the first ones with no goals and centered on ball possession. Then the session ended with a classic short-sided game.

Davide Narduzzo did not practice because of the flu.

Erik Panizzi and Dario Maltese had a scan to evaluate the situation of their ankles. Erik’s left one to check how is healing from the sprain he had before the break and Dario’s right one because of soreness. They both finished the day by working in the gym.

Trevor Trevisan kept following his rehabilitation program for the sprain in his right thigh. A Rehab that should conclude by the end of this week.

Tomorrow the lads will be back at it in the afternoon.