“Welcome to the world of your dreams, take a ride with your imagination.” This could be the hypothetical sign hanging on the front door of Maurizio Cavagnari’s Stylgraph.

Stylgraph has renewed its partnership with Reggiana Calcio, but it is something more than a sponsor: entrepreneurship is a flagship Reggiana and therefore a credit to the company and the team.

Stylgraph is an Italian group leader in the ceramic graphic industry.

The Stylgraph Group is able to offer to its customers a complete service and of high commercial value through customized solutions on both traditional printing processes (screen printing screens, silicone rollers) and through the use of digital technologies (ink-jet) integrating the production with new design services and innovative design concepts, communication and marketing, prototyping and production of decorative elements, plaster structures, grommets resins and metal matrices.

Sometimes the cold words do not express in full the professionalism and the love for the search for the new, the beauty of a processed material, a cutting-edge technology applied to the world of ceramics, but you have only to go into the various spaces created inside of Stylgraph and talk with Maurizio Cavagnari to understand and see with your own eyes how the fantasy and dream come true. Not a cold ceramic slab or of another material but we could speak of a work of real art. Woods come alive, marbles that transform into furniture, fabric that changes shape and structure. Works that express the passion, culture and research. Stylgraph you could define a “modern art institute in regard to work” and perhaps this is just the pride of Mauritius Cavagnari who has transformed his old passion, when he started to paint ceramic ashtray, in a ‘company that produces works of art applied to the ceramic companies.

<< The partnership with Reggiana – emphasizes Maurizio Cavagnari – draws its source from two aspects: my  Reggio Emilia roots and the passion, since childhood, for the team. A passion that I started to Mirabello and recovered in the heat expressing the fans at the Tricolour. An extraordinary and enveloping participation that makes the difference >>.