The lads got back at it this afternoon. The Ac Reggiana players started their preparation for the match against Venezia who is visiting the team on Sunday at the Mapei Stadium “Città del Tricolore” (kick off at 6.30 pm). The lads worked started with an athletic work with the club athletic trainer (Raffaele) Gagliardo. They did several “eleven against zero” and moved to work on ball possession with some short sided matches. It all ended with a series of pick-up games “ten against eight” and “nine against nine.”

Alessandro Sbaffo got back to work with his teammates. During this week the Ac Reggiana’s midfielder will finish his rehab program at the Isokinetic Center in the morning and practice with the team in the afternoon. His general condition looked good, however.

Jacopo Manconi skipped practice because of the flu.

Angelo Raffaele Nolè is “flu free” and worked in the gym, together with Dario Maltese and Trevor Trevisan who completed his session with a bit of running around the pitch.

Tomorrow the schedule is positional tactics in the morning and general training in the afternoon.