One single practice for the lads, this afternoon at the Via Agosti training grounds. The session started with an athletic warm-up, followed by an extensive work on the team’s build up play with “eleven versus zero” exercises. Then the team played a series of ball possession pick up games with no goals and finished with a mini tournament with the team split into four teams taking turns in playing on a short sided pitch.

Daniele Pedrelli and Mattia Bonetto did not practice. The first because of a sore ankle, the latter for a sore groin. Jacopo Manconi did a light training in the gym because of the consequence of the flu.

Trevor Trevisan and Angelo Raffaele Nolè worked in the gym and did some mild athletic work on the pitch. Dario Maltese did therapies for his ankle and work in the gym.


Tomorrow it will be about positional tactics in the morning and group practice in the afternoon.