There is no time to rest for the lads. There’s the League Cup game against Venezia on Tuesday already knocking at the door, and the second consecutive home league match against Teramo (Next Saturday, kick-off at 6.30 pm) to prepare. Hence the Ac Reggiana players worked this morning. The starters went to the gym to do a cool-down work with the physical trainer, Cristian Freghieri, while subs practiced on the pitch. The did a technical warm-up, then several ball possession exercises and finished with a pickup game on a small portion of the pitch.

Andrea Bovo, Angelo Raffaele Nolè and Marco Guidone did not practice. They are all nurturing knocks they got during the yesterday match against AlbinoLeffe. Their status is “day to day”.

Tomorrow the lads will be back at it in the early afternoon.