One single training session for the Ac Reggiana players, this morning at the Via Agosti training grounds. The lads started with an individual warm up, then they worked on the team tactics and moved with a short work on rapidity. The session ended with an eleven a side.

Luigi Falcone kept working apart, in the gym on the stationary bike and with a light run on the pitch. His situation is day to day.

Dario Maltese kept his rehabilitation program with therapies and stationary bike. Being holiday in Italy, the Isokinetic Center was closed, hence Ettore Marchi and Alessandro Sbaffo were present at the training grounds. Marchi worked in the gym and did specific exercises on the pitch. Sbaffo did therapies for his repaired knee and worked with the club physio, Remigio Del Sole.

Tomorrow the lads will be back at it in the morning.