The lads got back at it this afternoon. The Ac Reggiana players met at the Via Agosti training ground to start their preparation for the match in Gubbio on next Sunday (kick off at 2.30 pm). After a brief warm up in the new gym close to the pitch, the lads did some ball possession exercise in groups and as a team on a small side. Then they got engaged in a 10 a side on a smaller portion of the pitch and finished up with cool down and jogging.

Luigi Falcone did not practice because of the flu. Marco Guidone and Simone Perilli worked apart because of post-match fatigue. Simone Calvano worked regularly with the team and did the entire session.

Tomorrow the lads will practice twice in the day, starting at 10.15 am and doing the second one at 2.45 pm. In between there will be a video session.