Second to last practice before the Saturday match in Fano (kick off at 2.30 pm) for the lads. The Ac Reggiana players started with a mixed warm-up -technical and athletic- to move then to a more tactic focused chunk of it. The players focused on ball possession and build-up play. It all ended with a short sided pick-up game.

Alongside Perilli , Matteo Rizzi did not practice for a bruised thigh. non si è allenato Matteo Rizzi per un leggero risentimento alla coscia.

Daniele Pedrelli worked in the gym with Professor (Cristian) Freghieri and did specific therapies with the club physio (Remigio) Del Sole.

Tomorrow the lads will train in the morning at the Reggio Calcio training facilities and will have a video session in the afternoon right before leaving toward Fano.