The lads got back at it this afternoon. The Ac Reggiana players got back to train today and started their preparation for the Sunday away game in Forlì (Kick off at 6.30 pm). The starters in Gubbio worked apart, doing some work in the gym and some cool down running on the pitch; while the subs worked technically too. They did some ball possession exercises and then played a short sided pick up game.

Marco Guidone worked apart because of the huge cramp he got last Sunday in Gubbio. Simone Calvano did some therapies because of a very mild ankle sprain.

Luigi Falcone did some work in the pool and some work with the club physio, Remigio Del Sole, because of a hit he got in the back on Sunday.

Dario Maltese, in the meantime, keeps rehabbing from the surgery he had to his knee. The good news is: he abandoned the crutches and can walk freely now.

Tomorrow the team will practice twice, at 10.15 in the morning and 2.45 in the afternoon. In between, there’s a video session.