Double practice session for the lads today. The Ac Reggiana players worked in the morning with the bunch split into two groups – midfielders/forwards and fullbacks -. The did 40 minutes of gym work before focusing on the individual technique. In the afternoon, after a video session, the second practice of the day, with a technical warm-up followed by work on positional tactics and several pick up games on two small sides where four teams faced each other continuously.

Simone Calvano and Marco Guidone practiced regularly. Luigi Falcone (hit in the lower back) kept working apart (pool and therapies in the morning, stationary bike, and jogging in the afternoon).

Dario Maltese kept working on his rehabilitation program with work in the pool, treatments, and stationary bike.

Tomorrow the lads will be back at it at 11 am at the Via Agosti training grounds.